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We design the parachute system !

Hsinchu, Taiwan - January 15, 2020

On Wednesday, January 15, ARRC started to make the second main parachute. The parachutes that HTTP-3A will implement are designed and manufactured by ARRC. Two months were spent before the manufacturing process innovating a new type of seam that will be the strongest for the parachutes to use. Anti-inversion net is also an essential part of ARRC’s self-developed parachute, preventing parachute line entanglement and inversions.

While various rocket engine hot-fire tests were being carried out, ARRC has been testing numerous parachutes to secure HTTP-3A’s recovery system. Due to the fact that the parachute recovery system is simple and reliable, not only does HTTP-3A implement this system, but it also is the most common rocket recovery system. There are two main types of parachutes needed for the HTTP-3A recovery system, which are the main parachutes and drogue chutes.

Before designing a proper parachute, ARRC uses a dynamic simulation of different parachutes to understand the large amplitude fluid-structure interaction process. With this simulation, ARRC extracts practical data such as the evolution of the parachute’s area, the flow field, and the opening shock.

Till today, ARRC has completed 27 drop tests to identify its performance and performed several drogue chute mortar hot-fire tests. As the launch is scheduled to take place in July 2021, ARRC expects HTTP-3A to adopt 2 main parachutes and 4 drogue chutes.