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Let’s build paper rockets!

Taipei, Taiwan - December 21, 2019

In addition to developing rockets, ARRC never forgets to inspire children's dreams. ARRC has developed a solid rocket module that can be easily made by primary school children. With ARRC’s lead, there were 25 groups of kid using the module to have their own self-made rocket launched at Taipei Municipal Wanxing Elementary School.

The rocket body was made out of paper and light clay. Besides, the solid-fuel thruster was replaced by pre-built sugar rocket motor, which takes about 1.5hours to make.
Due to the rocket's large size and its light weight, the rocket can only reach an altitude of 15 meter at most. As a result, it is an extremely safe science activity as long as the students keep a safe distance.

In this activity, each child was exposed to rocket science for the first time.
ARRC is also excited about this event and believes that sugar rocket is more real than water rocket for children to experience rocket’s launch. By holding this kind of science activity, we look forward to see more rocket scientist in the future!