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Vibration and shock test of the Avionics and TTC System

Hsinchu, Taiwan - February 25, 2020

On Tuesday, February 25, ARRC completed the final integrated vibration and shock test of the Avionics and TTC System.

ARRC has carried out 3 vibration and shock tests across a time span of 3 months for different purposes such as for single components and systems. ARRC implements a military standard vibration and shock test to verify the reliability of the Avionics and TT&C System under extreme conditions and if the system satisfies the vibration requirements. To begin the test, the instrument is placed on the vibration machine which will perform a three-axial vibration test in horizontal and vertical directions. Not only does this test identify undetected possibilities of system failure and structural damage, ARRC also continues to reduce the vibration displacement through changes done.